Automatic filter press machine

Automatic filter press machine Automatic filter press machine -


Automatic filter press machine


The slurry materials are sent to filter chamber by the pressure of feeding pump. Then filtrating media(filter cloth) separates solid and liquid in slurry material. When solid in slurry becomes cake shape, air is sent to diaphragm to fully squeeze the solid to reduce moisture content. If users have high requirements about filtration of sticky material and moisture content ratio, this machine has its own special characteristics to meet the needs.

It is available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic units incorporating PLC control and automatic cake slagging system. You can easy to use our machine.

Basic Info


1. Easy to replace filtering cloth.
2. Increased product throughput
3. Reduction of the residual moisture of the filter cake
4. Shorter filtration, wash and cake cycles
5. he optimized cake structure facilities quicker and better washing results
6. Automatic drawing plate, easy to discharge.


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