Vibrating Sieve Machine

Vibrating Sieve Machine Vibrating Sieve Machine -


Vibrating Sieve Machine used for continuous screening of liquid,solid or powder materials.Increase production, efficient and safe sieving.Ensure product quality and eliminate product materiel blocking.It is widely used in cocoa powder,salt,animal food,grain etc.


Vibrating Sieve Machine is a high precision powder screening equipment, its low noise, high efficiency, quick changing sieve only 3-5 minutes, fully enclosed structure, suitable for screening grain, flour, mucus and other materials filter.

Vibrating Sieve Machine use the upright motor as the vibration source, both ends of motor install the eccentric weight and the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three dimensional motion, then the motion is passed to the screen surface. Adjusted upper and lower ends of phase angle can change the trajectory of the sieve surface in.

So as to achieve the purpose of screening material classification.

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Basic Info


1.High efficiency, refined design,duration,any powers and mucilage are suitable for using.

2.Easily replace the screen, simple operation and convenience washing.

3.Never jam the mesh with no power flying and filter size of the power between 500 mesh or 0.028mm.

4.Discharge the impurity and coarse materials automobile and operates continuously.

5.Small volume, move easily.

6.The highest layers of the screen are 5 layers. But 3 layers are suggested.


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