Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve -


Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve is the primary choice for processing fine powder,and combined with the ultrasonic system,it can effective to prevent screen mesh clogging and improve the product capacity.


Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve system is a kind of simple and practical,reliable screening system,it is currently the most effective solution of screen mesh plug of a major technological breakthrough.This system uses a low amplitude,high frequency ultrasonic vibrating wave(mechanical wave)on the sieve mesh by the traditional vibrating sieve to improve the sieving abilities of superfine powder.This product is suitable for the users who demand the high additional value and fine powder.

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By improving the low density of powder in the gravity settling down and sliding,improve the high density of metal in the front-end ports stranded or wedging and the adhesion effect of electrostatic powder,to improve the quality of screening efficiency and screening.In screening pass rate,usually more than the ordinary vibration sieve pass rate of 50% to 440%.

1.With ultrasonic transducer device,sieving more competely.

2.Solute the static,reunion or strong adsorption problem during sieving.

3.Standard sieving cleaning device,no mesh plugs.

4.To reduce or not produce clear screen time.

5.Do not produce powder pollution.

6.Keep the mesh size,stable screening accuracy.

7.Decomposition of adhesive material,reduce on the screen mesh.

8.Reducing frequency of screening.


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