Tumbler Screener Machine

Tumbler Screener Machine Tumbler Screener Machine -


Tumbler Screener Machine uses a motor to generate three-dimensional elliptical motion,safe screening and filtering,and more suitable for screening fine materials.


Tumbler Screener Machine is a kind of low-frequency rotary vibrating screen which imitates manual screening.The material has a movement similar to manual operation,so as to achieve the purpose of screening.With the screening accessories,it can get more ideal screening effect.To meet the large out put,high-density sieving of the manufacturers.It is the most effective simulation of artificial sieving movement (sieving precision,efficiency,service life is 5-10 times than the common cylinder sieve),for the processing of all the fine and ultra-fine powder and special materials,particularly suitable for materials which are difficult to classify.

Basic Info


1.High screening quality results in higher revenues for graded products.

2.Noise less than 75dB, easy to maintain and longer service life.

3.Screening efficiency up to 99%.

4.Whole sealed design,no pollution.

5.Screening accuracy,sieving efficiency are 5-10 times of normal circular screen.

6.Sieving parts’ increases the life expectancy and reduces maintenance.


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