Gyratory Vibrating Screen

Gyratory Vibrating Screen Gyratory Vibrating Screen -


Gyratory Vibrating Screen is mainly used for screening powder and granule material and other materials,including urea,fertilizer,urea,etc.It is a new type of screening equipment.


Gyratory Vibrating Screen is also called reciprocating screen,if see from the motion trail of screen box.The vibratory force produced by its driving device is the inertial force twining along the dead axle,the direction of which is change according to a certain regular.

The essence of Gyratory Vibrating Screen is the reciprocating inertial force formed by the rotation of eccentric wheel winding the dead axle.According to the structure characteristics and working principle of swinging screen,the screen surface is arranged with level or incline (angle of inclination is 0-5 degree).After turn on the swinging screen,the screen box take reciprocating movement under the inertial force,screen box drives screen surface to make periodic shaking,which makes the materials on the screen surface to make directional jumping movement with the screen box.During the period, the material less than the screen aperture falls to under layer,the material bigger than the screen aperture make jumping movement, discharged from the coarse outlet.

Basic Info


1.Good Self-cleaning Effect--The bouncing ball mounted in the sieve box can remove particles sticking to the sieve by directly impacting the sieve surface.These bouncing balls can always keep the screen surface clean,to avoid the blocking problem.

2.Patent Drive Balance Device--Driving balance system can reduce the vibration impact produced by screening movement,and reduce the equipment noise.The noise level is less than 75 dB,improving the working environment of workers.

3.Automatic Surface Tension Device--Specially designed mounting holes around the screen frame and the tension clicks can achieve the quick screen replacement and maintain the screen uniform tension.longer life span of screen mesh.

4.Every layer is installed with an anti-blocking and cleaning facility,which is able to clean mesh while sieving.Anti blocking hole, anti sticking net.

5.Lower headroom permits operation in confined areas,reducing cost of building and maintenance.

6.Exterior is designed for easy cleaning.Exterior permanent joints are either welded continuously,or strip welded and filled with epoxy.


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