Feed Hammer Mill Grinder

Feed Hammer Mill Grinder Feed Hammer Mill Grinder -


Feed Hammer Mill Grinder Widely used in raw materials such as bean hulls,peanuts,wheat,corn,straw,oil cakes, etc.


Feed Hammer Mill Grinder used for general grinding and fine grinding,especially for fine grinding of grains,and can be further processed into poultry meat and aquatic feed pellets.Produce suitable aquatic feed through the screen mesh,reduce the blockage of the screen mesh,and complete the grinding.It is widely used in granular materials such as crop stalks,rice straw,peanut shells,corn,wheat,and grains etc.

Basic Info


1.Stable performance,used for ordinary grinding and fine grinding
2.Screen size optional,quick replacement,easy operation and maintenance
3.Using high quality SKF bearing,good performance,low operating temperature
4.Wider grinding surface,productivity increased by 30%
5.Reliable quality and long service life


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