Industrial Electirc Heat Pump Vegetable Drying Oven

Industrial Electirc Heat Pump Vegetable Drying Oven Industrial Electirc Heat Pump Vegetable Drying Oven -


Heat pump dryer is an energy-saving drying machine, usually used for heating and dehumidifying raw materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light and heavy industries, to utmost keep the original color, shape, odour and nutritious.


1. When heat pump dryer starts to operating, the compressor first begins to generate high temperature and pressure gas, which will be brought into the condenser for releasing heat energy to change the air as hot air. The hot air will be finally blown into the drying cabinet by circulation fan. Ambient temperature inside the drying cabinet may be risen up to 10~80℃.
2. Dehumidification system consists of a heat recovery device to recycle heat energy which will be repeatedly used to heat new air. The device is able to save energy consumption for preheating fresh air up to 60-70%.
3. Based on the aforementioned, hot air in the drying cabinet will be repeatedly circulated in loops, to uniformly and thoroughly conduct drying process of material.

Basic Info


1.User-Friendly: Plug and play without burning coal or wood, so many sets of Industrial Fruit Dryer Machine could be co-currently operated by one labor
2. Environmental Protection: The whole drying process is carried out in a closed cabinet, no material polluted and no pollutant discharged.
3. Energy-Conservation: Compared with traditional electric heating, coal burning or oil fueling equipment, energy consumption will be obviously saved and operation cost will be largely reduced.
4. High-Performance: Subject to dehydration, the color, shape, smell, and nutritious content can be kept and retained to the uttermost degree.
5. Wide Application Scope: The equipment is widely applied in dehydration of all kinds of fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat products and industrial products as well.


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