UL Certified Large Capacity Mesh Belt Chilli Drying Machine

UL Certified Large Capacity Mesh Belt Chilli Drying Machine UL Certified Large Capacity Mesh Belt Chilli Drying Machine -


Mesh belt dryer is batch type, continuously working drying equipment, applicable for various kinds of materials including food industry, chemical industry and other industries, with features of high efficiency, high capacity and high evaporation strength. Mesh belt dryer is energy-saving and environment-protecting equipment. Customized service available as per specific requirements. We have obtained CE certificate for the mesh belt dryer.


The whole set of machine is made up of feeding conveyor, drying cabinet, fans, electrical control panel, heat exchanging furnace, discharge conveyor, connection pipes. Burner should be separately purchased by the buyer at local site. There are totally 4 layers for the mesh belt dryer.
Raw material would be automatically transferred to the drying cabinet by feeding conveyor.  Then the material would drop from the upper mesh belt to the lower mesh belt in the manner of layer by layer. When the material reaches the bottom layer, it would be discharged via discharging conveyor. 
Moisture content after drying could reach as low as 5%-7%
Mesh size could be altered from 10-200 mesh.
Hot air is used as drying medium for the dryer.
Fuel source could be CNG, Diesel, Electricity, Steam, Coal, and Biamoss.

Basic Info


1.Large Capacity: mesh belt dryer is of a higher capacity than heat pump dryer
2.Continuous Operating: mesh belt dryer could operate continuously day and night, without stop.
3.Low Operating Cost: Only 1~2 labors for operating the whole processing line
4.Low Maintenance Cost: There are no quick wear spare parts needs to be maintained because the rotating speed is quite low. Replacement of mesh screen is quite economic, no matter purchasing from our company or locally
5.Energy Saving: High efficiency air blast fan is equipped to strongly and evenly blow the hot air to every layer of the mesh screen in the drying chamber, in order to improve drying efficiency and save energy.


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