Super Fine Low Energy Red Chili Grinding Mill

Super Fine Low Energy Red Chili Grinding Mill Super Fine Low Energy Red Chili Grinding Mill -


Pulverizers are used for crushing and grinding process of various kinds raw materials, application scope covering pharmaceutical industry, food industry and chemical industry. Pulverizer machine is featured by strong grinding capability, low energy consumption, easy installation, long-term service time, high performance. Output fineness could be altered from 20mesh to 120mesh.


How does pulverizer works?
Pulverizer machine takes use of relative movement between movable tooth disc and fixed tooth disc, to get the raw material crushed and ground. Fineness could be altered by changing mesh screen with different apertures. Bearings of the pulverizer machine are well enclosed to effectively prevent the dust from getting into the bearing chamber.
The pulverizer, also named grinding machine for food, is made of food grade stainless steel. The machine is composed of dust collector system, to reduce loss of raw material and to facilitate recycling of raw material.

Basic Info


1.Strong grinding capability. The pulverizer machine is of a stronger crushing and grinding capability than general equipment, especially for fibrous material.
2.Low energy consumption. The pulverizer machine is equipped with high performance motor and high rigidity tooth disc, to lower energy consumption and enhance production efficiency, in order to save operating cost.
3.High performance. The pulverizer machine is able to grind raw materials with a fineness up to 120mesh.
4.Environmental protection. The pulverizer machine is designed with dust collector system to avoid dust pollution.
5.High quality. The pulverizer machine is completely made of food grade stainless steel.
6.Easy installation. The pulverizer machine is allowed to change the mesh screen in quite a simple and easy way. Plug-in and use.


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